Saturday, December 4, 2010

New listings!! The Baby's first Christmas ornaments!

Christmas is here!! And I'm a busy bee during these days, listing continuously new items and working on many custom orders! :D
Here it is some of them, the baby's first Christmas ornaments!
They are cute decorations, keepsake for your baby's first Christmas! Customizable heirloom also for a gift for grandchildren and nephew/niece that they will keep for years to come!
A lovely baby with a personalized banner made of clay, on a star shaped wood support with tiny Christmas decorations, a jingle bell on the bottom, a cord with three beads (gold and red) to hang it!

Measurements: star is about 3" x 2,8"(8 x 7,5 cm) and 0,8" (2,5 cm) thick with the baby. Total lenght from cord to jingle bell: 8" (19,5 cm)

HOW TO ORDER: please contact me to writing me also
1) your baby's name
2) color for the skin
3) if you prefer the star shaped or heart shaped base (see the last image).
I will send a paypal request of payment for 22$ + 4,5$ (normal airmail shipping cost; if you prefer the registered mail with tracking number, the cost will be 11$)
Delivery for US and Europe USUALLY takes about 7-11 days.

Visit my Album to see a lot of images of custom orders!! or (update) visit the post Baby's first Christmas ornaments: the custom orders!

Another versione available is the laminated print! The cost is only 5,9$ + 2,5$ (shipping)!
Here it is:

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