Saturday, June 1, 2013

US Military Penguins cake toppers

The activity on the shop is never ending, and not only for sculpting figurines of course! So many things to do! Yesterday I finally had some hours to dedicate to manage the listings and I decided to go with the Penguins military dressed! Their design is a bit changed from the first ones I created and now they are even more cute, so I changed almost all pictures with more recent ones and made a collage with them.
Here you are the US military Penguins! Of course many other uniforms can be created and from many Countries, and on other critters, just ask me ( )!
Visit the "military cake toppers" section on the shop: or the whole shop at ! :)
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US Marine Army dress blue:

US Army dress blues with hat, blue eyes for the bride:

US Army dress blues without hat:

US Army dress blues with personalized banner:

US Navy dress blue:

US Navy white dress, with hydrageas bouquet:

US Navy white dress, with stargazer lilies bouquet, birdcage veil and... egg!

US Navy white dress, with sunflowers bouquet:

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