Thursday, June 24, 2010

We find for you... from Etsy Italia Team

Weekly selection of gorgeus handmade items created from the Etsy Italia Team members! Other lovely ideas on the EIT blog!

romantic hand bag in indigo cotton from VerityUnMondoAParte
it's raining on the moon from AtelierPompadour
Amethyst shade - paper necklace from Relydesign
On your heart..Blue puff from OnYourHead's shop

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Are you looking for ideas for your wedding cake topper? Have you thought to your nicknames?

What have in common strange couples like bride pig and groom ram, sheep and dog, mouse and frog, cat and bee, mouse and pig? They are all nicknames and the actual couples thought to ask for having a really personalized wedding cake topper! Something special, ooak (one of a kind) only for them!
Here it is some pictures!
Could these ideas be cute also for you? Contact me to passionarte.handmade(at) and visit my shop and my sold items section for having ideas on what I can do! :)

Sheepy and Doggie:

Mouse with red heels and back details and Froggie:

Piggie and Ram:
Fat Kitty and Fat Bee:

Piggy and Mouse:

Bear and Giraffe:

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Are you looking for ideas for your wedding cake topper? Have you thought to your nicknames?
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Friday, June 4, 2010

A new Moose and Zee birthday cake topper! A lovely keepsake of your baby's party

Finally, the new model of the Moose and Zee cake topper is ready! For all parents who are looking for supplies for a themed children party! A little world with grass, flowers, pretty clouds, a colorful balloon and Moose and Zee wearing party hats! Do you like it?

It's personalized with the name and the age and it's a cute keepsake of your baby's birthday that you can use for decorating his/her room after the party!
The ball is very light and covered with papier mache and handpainted; also the back is decorated.
Available also with the number in pink and name in red (or dark green) and for all ages.

Measurements: about 10cm (4") high; diameter 9cm (3,5"); weight is only 27gr; a clear plastic under the cake topper will separate it from the cake. Clouds and flowers on the background, not included.

More pictures on my Flickr Album!

Price is 38$+6$ shipping (normal airmail).

HOW TO ORDER: If you want to order it, personalized for your little boy/girl,
1) read the complete description on my Etsy shop:
2) contact me to passionarte.handmade(at) writing me your your baby's name, number (age), color for the number (blue or pink), preferred colors for the flowers;
3) I will send a paypal invoice to your e-mail address;
4) time for creation and drying is about one week (or tell me if you need a rush order); I will send the pictures before shipping;
5) delivery for US and Europe USUALLY takes about 10 days. For keeping the shipping costs low, the cake topper will be shipped with Moose and Zee in a cute little box and the "world" carefully wrapped in bubble film (see the last picture), then in bubble envelope.

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