Friday, January 11, 2013

Penguins wedding cake toppers, a best seller

First post of the new year!! Hoping to have enough time for further posts... ehm ehm... :P
First post to celebrate the best sellers on the shop during last year, the Penguins! When friends ask me "what are you doing now?" my answer is 90% of times "I'm sculpting Penguins!!" :) and every day there are many penguins on my desk in different phases of their completion, some of them have only the body, for some of them I'm making the accessories and working on the tiny flowers for the bouquet, other ones are ready for the pictures and for being show to their "mom" and "dad" before being shipped!
I started with a couple of Penguins and now they are available in a lot of variations, with personalized banner, with military dress blues, with special flowers on the bouquet, with floral arcs, with snowflake bases, with baby penguins, and so on!
Here you are some recent pictures!! Many others coming soon! :D
*For info and for make your special custom order, feel free to contact me at !



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