Thursday, June 10, 2010

Are you looking for ideas for your wedding cake topper? Have you thought to your nicknames?

What have in common strange couples like bride pig and groom ram, sheep and dog, mouse and frog, cat and bee, mouse and pig? They are all nicknames and the actual couples thought to ask for having a really personalized wedding cake topper! Something special, ooak (one of a kind) only for them!
Here it is some pictures!
Could these ideas be cute also for you? Contact me to passionarte.handmade(at) and visit my shop and my sold items section for having ideas on what I can do! :)

Sheepy and Doggie:

Mouse with red heels and back details and Froggie:

Piggie and Ram:
Fat Kitty and Fat Bee:

Piggy and Mouse:

Bear and Giraffe:

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  1. Una genial idea!!!!
    besitos ascension

  2. eheheeh sono carinissimi Passion!!!
    vederli tutti assieme fanno sorridere ;D

  3. Belli, buffi e colorati, mettono allegria solo a guardarli :D Oltre che come cake topper sono ottimi come regalo per una coppia, per il proprio partner, soprattutto se sono persone spiritose :)


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