Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Beach wedding starfishes Favors featured

A new featuring for my shop with an Etsy treasury created by Federicaknits: the cute and original "Beach wedding starfishes Favors".

It's a set of 8 amazing starfishes made of modelling clay, cute favors for every wedding or party and especially for beach weddings. Each of them is an unique piece, different from the others. The 8 starfishes are created with different techniques:
~♥ 4 made of clay left in their natural terracotta color and glazed with a mat picture varnish;
~♥ 2 made of clay, painted in shade of red with acrylic colors and glazed with a mat picture varnish;
~♥ 2 made of white modeling clay and left in their natural state unglazed.

They have a little cord in different colors (purple, beige, brown) to suspend it for a note of color in the house, office, etc. as a keepsake of your wonderful wedding! Sizes are variable: 3,5 - 5,5 cm of diameter and 4 - 5 cm of cotton cord.

Click here to purchase them or contact me (top right of this page)! If you are looking for different personalized favors, let me know your ideas!

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  1. this is really2 good... I love it.. Thanks to bring this creative things...


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