Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My cute and funny miniature scene with chubby Beach Chicken and Baby chick, featured

"Where are you going mum?!", says the baby chick perplexed!
It's a funny and cute miniature scene, created with colorful modelling clay, left unglazed (only the sea is painted with mat varnish), full of micro details: pink polka dots bikini painted with acrylic colors (pearled pink), flippers, mask with real plastic “lens” and snorkel, sand castle, beach toys (shovels, plane sifter, pail) realized with extreme precision and patience!
Moreover the sand and eight micro shells are real and natural.
You just cannot smile when you look at this scene! Collect all miniature scenes I’m listing! Use it as a decor, a funny and cute gift or as a small cake topper (in this case, please do not put it directly on the surface of the cake).
It comes in a nice gift box. Measurement: base is approx 6 cm x 8 cm; Beach Chicken is 2,8 cm tall.
Click here to purchase it, or contact me (link in this page, at right); if you want another personalized miniature for you or for a special friend, let me know your ideas!

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