Friday, February 8, 2013

Mickey Mouse ears Penguins cake toppers

It looks like a "strange" personalization but it is not so strange considering how many requests I'm receiving for them: the Mickey Mouse ears hats or headbands are a new customization available for the Penguins cake toppers! Many couples get engaged on Disneyland and they wish to incorporate some Disney magic onto their wedding! Everyone that visited one of the Disney Parks, know what I mean! Me too, I have just gone for my second time on Disneyland Paris last summer, where everyone can feel again like a child!
Here it is some pictures of the customizations available for a little add to the Penguins cake toppers standard listing.
They are available also for all critters wedding cake toppers you can see on the shop!

Mickey Mouse headbands on larger size Penguins cake toppers:

Mickey Mouse ears hats on standard size Penguins cake toppers:

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