Friday, June 4, 2010

A new Moose and Zee birthday cake topper! A lovely keepsake of your baby's party

Finally, the new model of the Moose and Zee cake topper is ready! For all parents who are looking for supplies for a themed children party! A little world with grass, flowers, pretty clouds, a colorful balloon and Moose and Zee wearing party hats! Do you like it?

It's personalized with the name and the age and it's a cute keepsake of your baby's birthday that you can use for decorating his/her room after the party!
The ball is very light and covered with papier mache and handpainted; also the back is decorated.
Available also with the number in pink and name in red (or dark green) and for all ages.

Measurements: about 10cm (4") high; diameter 9cm (3,5"); weight is only 27gr; a clear plastic under the cake topper will separate it from the cake. Clouds and flowers on the background, not included.

More pictures on my Flickr Album!

Price is 38$+6$ shipping (normal airmail).

HOW TO ORDER: If you want to order it, personalized for your little boy/girl,
1) read the complete description on my Etsy shop:
2) contact me to passionarte.handmade(at) writing me your your baby's name, number (age), color for the number (blue or pink), preferred colors for the flowers;
3) I will send a paypal invoice to your e-mail address;
4) time for creation and drying is about one week (or tell me if you need a rush order); I will send the pictures before shipping;
5) delivery for US and Europe USUALLY takes about 10 days. For keeping the shipping costs low, the cake topper will be shipped with Moose and Zee in a cute little box and the "world" carefully wrapped in bubble film (see the last picture), then in bubble envelope.

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  1. Vorrei tornare bambina per metterli sulla torta *_*

  2. I'm in love with Passion Arte cake toppers !

  3. Bellissimi e poi sono così allegri e colorati, l'intero cake topper è molto adatto per i bimbi... ehm impazzisco per la palla, è bellissima con quelle nuvolette e fiorellini!!! :D

  4. Grazie! Thank you so much! :)))


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