Thursday, February 25, 2010

Korean dol cake toppers for baby boy!

Two new korean dol cake toppers for a baby boy! One with an ox to represents his horoscope (Year of the Ox) and one with two animals from the Baby Einsteins books, the duck and the lion! As always, the outfits reproduce with many details the real hanbok the baby will wear on his first birthday (with his name painted on it in the cake topper with the ox).
On my shop you can read the complete description: tall version, short version. For orders, please contact me to
To see a previous post about my korean dol cake toppers, with images of the work in progress, click here.


  1. che cariniii!! sei troppo brava..mi piace un sacco la zampa del leone da dietro, fa molto gesto amichevole affettuoso!

  2. Che carini :D e quanta pazienza hai, fin nei dettagli ^__^


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