Friday, February 12, 2010

The new "Moose and Zee" birthday cake topper!

The new original model for the "Moose and Zee" birthday cake topper is born!! I love how it's turned out! So colorful and cute! It's a unique idea for supplies for a "Moose and Zee" themed children party! And it can decorate the child's room and last as keepsake after the party!

The number one (but other numbers are available) is made by wood, handpainted and personalized with the child's name! On the front, made of modelling clay, detailed Moose and Zee, cute flowers and leaves, a pretty cloud and a colorful balloon! Also the back is decorated! Measurements are about 8,5 x 2 x 12 cm (high) (3,3" x 0,8" x 4,7"); a clear plastic under the number will separate cake and topper.
Do you like it? :)

Price in USD: 39$ + 6$ (normal airmail shipping costs).


If you want to order it, personalized for your little boy/girl,

1) read the complete description on my Etsy shop:

2) contact me at passionarte.handmade(at) writing me your child's name, favorite colors for flowers and balloon;

3) I will send a paypal invoice to your e-mail address (that you can pay with all credit cards even if you have not a paypal account);

4) time for creation and drying is about 4-5 days (or tell me if you need a rush order); I will show you the picture before shipping;

5) delivery for US and Europe USUALLY takes about 10-14 days.

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the work in progress....


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