Thursday, February 17, 2011

Elmo birthday cake topper: new pictures and a look to the work in progress!

I've just come back from the post office after shipping a super-rush order for a personalized Elmo cake topper (ordered last night!) so I thought to show some of more recent pictures and the work in progress of my latest orders! I always love to see other artist at work so sometimes I remember to take some images during the creation of my pieces!

Would you like to purchase it for your baby, your grandson/granddaughter, your niece/nephew or as gift for your friend's child who is having a birthday party? Read in this previous post the details and how to order your personalized Elmo cake topper:


  1. Che carino Elmo!!!
    Mamma mia quanti ne fai O__O
    Pazzesco! Bravissima ^_^

  2. ehheheh che cariniiiiiii e che faccetta simpatica :DDDD
    Brava Passion :==D

  3. ma che carini!! ed è super interessante vedere le varie fasi della creazione!!

  4. Sono buffissimi :D mettono allegria solo a guardarli :) Really cute and funny cake topper, so joyful :D

  5. Oddio, che puccetti O_O
    Vanno bene a nche a 35 anni? :D


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